Thursday, July 12, 2007

Project 2 for Human Resource Development

Spoken English Classes (Basic, Intermediate and advance)

Cause of plan

There are many migrant workers who were graduated from universities and high schools from Myanmar wanting to achieve higher quality and higher education for better and brighter future. But they have to struggle for earning money to support their families left in Myanmar that they can’t afford to pay time and tuition fees for their education. Those migrant workers are already good of four skills of Thai Language and English speaking skill is essential to work everywhere in the world. After doing well in English skills, they can study higher education if they can get scholarships. They can work in several offices as staffs, surf internet and search more opportunities for better future.

Goal and Objective

The project intends to continue to fulfill education needs of Burmese migrant workers who are living in Thailand. By letting them to attend the classes, we can develop them for potential human resource development not only to Burmese community but also Thai community. We also can avoid any potential problems and difficulties that are based in their illiteracy. By teaching English to Burmese migrant workers, we aim them to speak, read and write English affluently. We believe that Burmese migrant workers, who can speak, read and write English fluently can have brighter opportunity in their future. Beside these benefit to Burmese community and Thai community, it is also job creation for Thai educated youth who can have better understanding toward Burmese community. This objective is for long term bridge between Thai people and Burmese people as these tow countries share the same border.

Arrangement for Class

One room and some text books for their studies will be needed to support learners. We will help the learners to sit TOEFL exam or IELTS exam after having confidence on their skills to earn high grade.

Capacity of Students: 20 children
Manager: 1 person
Teacher: 1 person
Guide: 1 person

Cost of Running Class

Causes of Expenses Estimated Expenses
Room Rental fees
Salary for Manager
Salary for Teachers
Salary for guide
Cassette, speakers and tapes

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