Thursday, July 12, 2007

Project 1 for Human Resource Development

Computer and internet usage training courses

Cause of plan

There are many migrant workers who were graduated from universities and high schools from Myanmar wanting to achieve higher quality and higher education for better and brighter future. But they have to struggle for earning money to support their families left in Myanmar that they can’t afford to pay time and tuition fees for their education. Knowing and using computer is essential nowadays. If they can use computer well, they can get chance to get office works rather than lowest level of general workers. Moreover, they can get chance to access internet in their spare time and then they can search more opportunities for their better future.

Arrangement for Computer Course

Some computers for demonstration and practical works and one room with enough space for learners will be needed. The following courses will be provided for learners to be able to work as office staffs with high qualities.
1. Microsoft Office
2. Auto cad
3. Photoshop
4. Page Maker and Corel Draw

Capacity of Class: 10 persons
Manager: 1 person
Teacher: 1 person

Cost of Running class

Causes of Expenses Estimated Expenses
Rental fees of room
Salary for Manager
Salary for teacher
Text Book

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